Thursday, 1 September 2016

Hellooo, my name is Ellie and I blog about makeup, fashion & life over on Ellie's World. I am so happy to be a part of the GRLPOWR group, the girls are amazing and we've all become so close. Anyway, today is not the day for cheese, that's for tomorrow in my sandwich (fun fact I actually hate having butter in sandwiches, I only like it on toast if it's melted. Just me?) but today I'm not here to make bad jokes - you can check my blog for that - but to answer some questions so you can get to know me like the other girls. Except I'm a bit late because I'm always sleeping.
What is your middle name?
My middle name is probably not your usual middle name, but I'm gonna leave that for you to guess. Let me know in the comments of this post or my blog <3
What was your favourite subject at school?
This is in the past tense but I'm actually still at school (I saw my English teacher when I was on a run, that wasn't awkward at all, I hope she didn't recognise me...). I'm starting year 10 and my favourite subject is probably either Drama because I love performing and being on stage and I am a bit of a drama queen, but at the same time, I love learning languages and Spanish makes me really happy so either Drama or Spanish. 
What is your favourite drink?
Oh I love me some tea. Hot chocolate is also good but the cafes always make it so much better than I can. And for cold drinks probably lemonade. 
What is your favourite song at the moment?
I am so crap with music, I usually have to get my friends to tell me songs to listen to, otherwise I don't think I would ever listen to "pop" music. Musicals are my fave and I'm currently jamming to Sue Me from Guys & Dolls alot but other than that I like Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes.  
What is your favourite food?
Thought you'd never ask. I love love love pizza but also I have a bit of a thing with filled pasta at the moment. Chocolate is also great. Wow, I'm not cliche at all. 
What is the last thing you bought?
Funny you should say that, the evening I'm writing this I was in London for the day and I picked up a very very cute top from Pull & Bear which will be featured in an outfit post soon and also some tights for school. 
Favourite book of all time?
I have no idea. I really liked Divergent and Paper Towns but that was a while ago and I wouldn't say they're my all time faves.
Favourite colour?
I like grey. I also like monochrome, baby pinks quite cute, purple's alright but as its heading into autumn I am all over burgundy and khaki green. 
Do you have any pets?
Yes yes yes one cat called Evie who I talk about way too much. But too cute.
Favourite perfume?
Body Shop Vanilla Body Mist for the win. Not so much to spray me, although it does smell great, but to spray all round my room. It smells incredible!
Favourite holiday destination?
I really liked my holiday to Portugal a few years ago but also being on a boat is quite fun as I have learnt this year.  
Are you married?
Yeah, I talked about my partner 3 questions ago, remember? Nah but seriously I am in no way married, neither do I think I will be any time soon. 
Have you ever been out of the country, if so how many times?
Many times, in fact I actually spent 2 months in Spain last September which you can read about in this post
Do you speak any other languages?
Are bad jokes a language? If so, those, and English, and a little bit of Spanish but I haven't spoken it since the end of July so that's worrying. 
How many siblings do you have?
One real brother and one kinda stepsister. 
What is your favourite shop?
I'm having a thing with Pull & Bear at the moment - such a cute, underrated shop. But I think my all time favourite is New Look or Topshop. 
Favourite restaurant?
No idea?
When was the last time you cried?
Um, this is awkward. The other day someone tweeted me saying they really liked my blog and couldn't believe they hadn't followed me sooner or something like that and it got me really emosh that people actually like my little space on the internet.  
Favourite Blog?
Hannah Gale has always been a fave, she's just hilarious. And Petite Ellie is killing it at the moment, she just uploaded a post with Topshop - Topshop!
Favourite Film?
100% Parent Trap, the Lindsay Lohan version. Just watch it. 
Favourite TV shows?
I love Pretty Little Liars, Gossip Girl was amazing, and I've recently started watching Scream and got really into it. Friday Night Dinner is also so good, the only show that can actually make me laugh out loud. 
PC or Mac?
Hmmm, I don't actually own either, I just borrow my brothers laptop and my mums Macbook. 
What phone do you have?
Motorola Moto E. Not gonna lie, I really want an iPhone SE. 
How tall are you?
Probably the smallest out of all the girl power girls, I am tiny, around 5 foot I think. 
Can you cook?
Depends how you define cooking. Cheese and pesto toasties are my speciality but I also make a great empinada, cheese straw, and any kind of pizza or pasta or shove me on the oven kinda dish. 
And that''s it. I know, finally, you can stop reading this rubbish post! Well I hope you don't actually think that because I try to be not too annoying but here are my links anyway and I'm sure I'll be back on this blog soon.


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