Blogmas Day 12: A quick festive treat!

Monday, 12 December 2016
Hello Lovelies!!

Todays blogmas post is about making christmas treats! 

I made little (out of shape) christmas trees out of Rice Krispies! I seen them on the internet and just had to make them myself! 

So lets get started! What you'll need; 
Rice Krispies (depending on how many you want to make, I used 1 cup full for 3) 
White chocolate (I used milky bar buttons)
Green food colouring
Greaseproof paper
Icing sugar
Icing tubes

Step 1: 
Make little (or big!) cone shapes using the greaseproof baking paper! Depending on how many you want and how big you want them!
Melt the white chocolate and slowly stir in the rice krispies, when all the krispies are coated slowly stir in the food colouring, I used 3 tablespoons! 
(You can add the food colouring first if you like - but be careful! I tried that first and it gave my chocolate a weird texture and it wouldn't mix over the krispies!) 

Step 2:
Fill up your cones with your green krispie mix! I done this using a teaspoon to put the mix in and then used a chopstick to push all of the krispies right down into the point of the tree! 
Then leave them to set in the fridge for about an hour! I was a bit eager and took them out earlier, but obviously if it is set in shape you can decorate!
(Me and my mum really struggled making the cones, hence the trees being a bit unique! Haha) 

Step 3:
This is the fun part, me and my boyfriend had a competition to do the best tree (I won obviously) 
We used piped icing to draw on some tinsel and I also used them to stick the stars to the tree! 
I then lightly dusted with icing sugar so they looked snowy!! 

Overall this is such a quick and fun treat to make! They tasted delicious and my family were so impressed when I showed them! 

Let me know if you try these out!
Love, Melissa x 


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