Blogmas Day 14: Adventures in Winter Wonderland!

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

I'd never been to Winter Wonderland before, so this was my TIME. Luckily Joe and I could squeeze it in on our weekend away, so after an afternoon of wandering around Oxford Street and Covent Garden we made our way over to get SUPER festive.

After BATTLING our way onto the tube, (seriously, it was packed), we made it to Hyde Park and followed the massive crowd towards all the bright sparkly lights. Unsurprisingly, it was pretty hard to miss. Once we were in, we were slightly in awe. I didn’t realise QUITE how big it was. A map probably would have helped. But we were far too excitable to stand and queue when we could be running around and eat all the food and look at all the pretty things and be more christmassy than I’ve ever been.

In my head I thought it’d be a big christmas market with a few fairground rides and a big wheel but oh no. It’s just so elaborate. Some of the attractions had huge moving figures on them, the bars were like proper bars and the rides were full on rollercoasters. Damn.

Our first port of call was the big wheel, which we’d pre-booked tickets for. Which there was essentially no point in because it takes just as much time as if you bought the tickets at the door. But oh well, we had a picture taken and they have a cafe to keep you entertained during your 40 minute queue. It was SO worth the wait though. You can see the rest of Winter Wonderland glittering above you and in the distance the red lights of the big city and it’s all very dreamy. Plus it was a great opportunity to find out where our next stop was because it was like looking at a really big map.

Next up was the Magical Ice Kingdom, full of intricate ice sculptures. At -9 degrees Celsius. Sure babe. Great idea. We had just enough time to shove a wonderfully greasy cheeseburger down our faces before heading in to basically get frostbite. Despite not being able to feel my hands or feet, it was pretty impressive. And the big whale was really cute. And the little seals. I don’t care if it was made of ice, I wanted to give them all cuddles.

The weird but also fab thing, was when we left the ice room, it actually seemed kinda warm outside, which was really nice in the middle of December at about 9 at night. And now we had all the time in the world to wander around and see everything and play all the games. Including some kind of hoopla game which I was definitely terrible at. And a hook a duck game where we actually won prizes. A dirty blue panda and a small green panda with its face sewn on wrong. It gives it character.

Winter Wonderland is definitely an all-day job. Don’t turn up at 6pm like we did because there is just SO DAMN MUCH. So carrying our colourful pandas, we trotted off cold and worn out back to the tube station, totally ready for bed.


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