Blogmas Day 18 : Pinterest Inspired Christmas Wrapping

Sunday, 18 December 2016
Welcome to Blogmas Day 18!

I'm Lily from Lily Rose, and in today's post I am going to be sharing with you 5 ways to decorate a plain brown box this Christmas.

I prefer giving away presents on Christmas Day rather than receiving them as I love to see the person's face light up (hopefully anyway...) as they receive my gift. Once you have battled the Christmas rush and mayhem at the shopping centres and high streets, and you've bought all your bags full of presents - it's time to wrap them up! A tiresome chore for some people, but I think you can make it fun! I must admit I'm not always the best at wrapping (Christmas presents that is as I'm bare sick at rapping lyrically like Eminem init bruv..cringe over...let's carry on...), but I am determined to create beautiful looking presents this year! I tend to start off wrapping well with the cuboid/box shaped presents as the edges look perfectly folded with neat cutting, perfect celotape, and finished with a ribbon or bow. However just a ribbon or bow for decoration can get boring and repetitive, so I took to good old Pinterest for some pinspiration! Here are my 5 alternative ways to decorate a boring old box!

Flowers and String

This first idea is to create paper packages tied up with string (accidental Sound of Music lyric) and flowers to create an autumnal, natural and festive feel. The simplicity of this idea is amazing, but it looks super creative and professional. Simply take some flower or tree clippings and tie them on to a gift with some string.


When I was little (..and even now) I am always excited to find out which presents under the Christmas tree our mine. I used to rummage for the labels and tags on the presents, but they would often fall off and we'd get in a bit of a pickle trying to sort out who's present is who's. A simple and cute way to decorate your present is by sticking on the front of the present a picture of you and the person who it is for. I love this idea as, not only does it mean you don't have to use tags, it also makes the present look lovely and much more personal.


To use a beaded necklace as a wrapping decoration is a beautiful alternative to a ribbon. Perhaps you have a spare necklace that you no longer want lying around, or you could buy a cheap one from your local charity shop? Simply wrap the necklace around the present as if you would a ribbon, and then boom you have a super cute gift to give to someone!

Hanging Hearts

My home is completely covered in hanging trinkets and hearts that I've bought from all over the shop. These hearts and trinkets can create cute decorations on gifts, and even act as an extra present. You can buy these small hanging ornaments from almost anywhere, and they're often not too expensive. I've bought many from Hobbycraft and Poundland for example, and they just make your gifts that little bit more special.


This is the easiest option out of my 5 wrapping ideas as all you require is a pen. To jazz up any plainly wrapped Christmas present you can draw some designs straight on to the wrapping paper, or write some festive messages on paper tags. I went for a simplistic snowflake design which I think looked quite cute, but you could draw or write whatever you wanted - be creative!

So they were my 5 Pinterest inspired Christmas wrapping ideas, and I hope you have gained some inspiration for how you can beautifully wrap up your presents this year! If you decide to try out any of these wrapping techniques please upload them on to Instagram or Twitter with the #GRLPOWR or tag our accounts @GRLPOWRCHAT so that we can see them!

As always check out our twitter account for more GRLPOWR information and I hope you have a very merry Christmas!

Lily xx

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  1. These are such great DIY wrapping paper ideas and perfect for the ultimate photogenic gifts! Thanks for the how to! :)

    xx Heather |

    1. Thank you so much, you're more than welcome! I had so much fun putting this post together. Good luck with your wrapping xx


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