Blogmas Day 24 : Christmas Eve Essentials

Saturday, 24 December 2016


The time has finally arrived. In less than 24 hours, it will be Christmas Day which means CHRISTMAS DINNER, CRACKERS, PRESENTS, LOVE AND TURKEY BUTTIES (Is that just me??)

Of course we all have our own Christmas Eve essentials, however I am going to share below some of my ultimate favourites to get you ready for Christmas Day!

  1. Fluffy pyjamas.
Okay so this is a must. There is no better feeling than getting changed into your pyjamas on Christmas Eve with a wholly blanket and hot drink (we’ll get onto that a bit later). Get your pyjamas at the ready- we are going into full blown CHRISTMAS MODE!

  1. Wrap presents
This is for everyone who is like me and hasn’t yet wrapped ANY of their Christmas presents for family members (oops). If you’re in the same boat, make sure to grab some of that nice wrapping paper that you bought back in November and WRAP IT UP.

  1. Christmas movies
Okay so you HAVE to watch Christmas movies on Christmas Eve. Whether it’s “Deck the Halls,” “Arthur Christmas” or anything in between. Grab your favourite DVD and GET WATCHING. (Or watch on Netflix, I’m sure they’ll have LOADS!)

  1. A warm drink
Is it really Christmas Eve without a hot chocolate? Maybe I’m old fashioned, but a hot drink is always the way to go to fully feel snug and warm! Don’t forget the cream and marshmallows either- that’s definitely an essential.

  1. Spend time with family
Quite a cute essential this one if I must say so myself, but surrounding people with people you love on Christmas must be the best feeling going. Christmas is for feeling thankful for everything you have after all.

  1. Wait for Santa
MINCE PIES. Do I have to say anymore? We all know that Santa loves a good mince pie when he drops off your presents, so why not treat him? The reindeers also may enjoy some special treats of their own, so why not go and get some reindeer food too?

And that is my Christmas Eve essentials list! Have a very happy, healthy and Merry Christmas filled with love.

From all the girls at #GRLPOWR 

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