Blogmas Day 3 : Favourite Christmas Adverts

Saturday, 3 December 2016

It's that time of year again! The Great British Advert Debate is well under way once more.. I joke but honestly it never really feels like Christmas has arrived until every TV break is filled with catchy tunes and sparkly fonts (and until you see a few heated arguments online about which one is better.)

Most of the time I'm a John Lewis girl from a John Lewis family but occasionally the odd alternative does creep into my heart and stay there, so for this post I decided to make a list of a few of my absolute favourite Christmas adverts of all time (or at least from the last few years..)

     1st ~ The Long Wait (John Lewis): my absolute favourite, all time best ever Christmas advert has to be John Lewis' 2011 one, it followed a little boy impatiently waiting for Christmas Day; not so he could get his presents but so that he could give his own present to his parents.  It was adorable and I just think it totally captured the spirit of Christmas kindness perfectly.

    2nd ~ Monty The Penguin (John Lewis): This advert is still quite possibly the cutest thing I've seen and to be honest I'm still stubbornly insistent in my belief that they were real penguins after all! Either way it was so cleverly filmed and as I'm a child at heart the idea of getting a friend / partner for a cuddly so it's not lonely is just lovely, and while maybe not very Christmassy is definitely heart warmingly cute.

     3rd ~ Christmas Day Football (Sainsburys): I think this struck a chord with me mainly because I'm a bit of a history geek and it actually happened during WW1 but it was such a lovely advert, the music was beautiful and I don't even know why I loved it so much-and still do- but just go and re-watch it and hopefully you'll know what I mean when I say it just was the spirit of Christmas.

     4th ~ Family Shop (Tesco):  I've cheated a bit because this is technically a series not a single advert but shh; this series of the family going around the shop in various states of panic just made me laugh every time I saw it, it was heartwarming and silly and for me was probably my favourite of the year last year! (And "I got a lightbulb" is still something that gets quoted sometimes when my own family is in a supermarket..)

     5th ~ Sparkle the Dog (Marks & Spencers): My reasons for loving this one as much as I do ultimately boil down to Rosie H-W (major hearteyes) wandering around all my favourite fairytale worlds, in pretty clothes to beautiful music; and then add in Helena Bonham Carter and an adorable dog and well..there's no competition really!

     Honourable Mention ~ CBBC Snowblobs: I can't do a post like this without doing a total throwback to my childhood and mentioning the Snowblobs on CBBC. I presume they were supposed to be snowballs but looking back I'm not sure that's the exact impression anymore.. either way, turning on the TV to find cartoon snow is something I know I got ridiculously excited over!

And as for this year..Mrs Claus is an amazing idea and I do love it but I'm afraid I'm a Buster the Boxer fan! I can't help it, I hear the words "John Lewis Christmas Ad" and my brain melts so my heart takes over!

Are you a fellow John Lewis lover or has Sainsbury's captured your heart? Either way I hope you have a wonderful December and an amazing Christmas!

Eloise xo


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