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Friday, 13 January 2017
Hey guys! Ellie here again! I was going to try and be funny but I'll leave that. Here is a little post with some advice and tips about hosting twitter chats for bloggers.

Bloggers have to be some of the nicest people to exist. They’re just so friendly and talkative. Anyway, a few weeks month ago I hosted a second bloggers chat on the GRLPOWR twitter and I now feel like a proper blogger! I thought I would just write a little post just chatting about my experience of hosting a bloggers chat and a couple of tips.
Of course, every chat has a different audience and following – the GRLPOWR chat has blown up recently and I’ve seen the amount of people that talk on it every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday but I still was really worried that nobody would show up and I would be really awkward. Of course, I was wrong. No matter how many people tell you, the amount of notifications you will get is at least triple what you will think. It’s crazy and I started off trying to favourite everybodys replies but I soon realised that would never happen and if I wanted to interact more I should just reply to a few tweets and make people feel welcome.
Another thing I didn’t think about before was exactly how chatty people can be. It’s amazing that everybody will just talk among themselves no matter what but I was not expecting it. I thought it would just be I tweet a question, a few people reply with their answers, but its so much more than that. One person will tweet about something in reply and everyone will have a conversation, its so great. Here are a few little tips:
  1. DO draft your questions before the chat because when there is a constant stream of notifications and cute replies you will NOT have time to write out the question, including emojis and trying to remember to use the hashtag (which I always seem to forget). If you’ve drafted the questions already it means all you have to do is click it and tweet, then you have more time to fave, retweet and reply to the answers.
  2. DO try and stick to even timings. Of course, if that’s not you then its fine but personally if a chat is an hour long and there are 5 questions, I would do the first question at 5/10 past the hour after introducing yourself and what the chat is about, then a question around every 10 minutes. It doesn’t have to be exact, but it just leaves you with enough time to actually talk about the questions without rushing and not end up with 20 minutes silence at the end because you’ve done the questions too early.
  3. DO promote the chat beforehand. Let your followers know that you are hosting a few days, hours, minutes before so they can get involved, it’s also a good way to bring new bloggers to a chat. I also really liked doing a countdown on the chat account (if that’s where you’re hosting), to get the buzz going and find out who’s joining in.
  4. DO try to make your questions as inclusive as possible. I mean, it would be pretty hard to think of questions that will include everyone but try and make your questions so you won’t miss out big groups of people, like different genders.
  5. DO remember to make the most of your reach. I’m definitely not saying you should host a chat just so that you can get views to your blog because you should be hosting for the fun and to chat to other bloggers, but after you’ve talked to loads of people they will probably want to have a little stalk of your social media and blog (or youtube or whatever chat you may be hosting), so when you introduce yourself or leave make sure to tweet a link to your blog.
  6. Lastly, just remember to be friendly and try to interact with everyone. Some people might have never been in a twitter chat before so make want to come back.
For some reason I couldn’t really think of any don’ts so its basically just a few tips of things I would recommend doing before hosting a blogger chat. I’d love to hear if you’ve hosted a twitter chat and your experiences or tips, let me know! If you'd like to be a guest host for #GRLPOWR this form is what you need.
Ellie xo


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