Life is like a road

Monday, 9 January 2017
Imagine this : You're on a road, riding a bicycle.
When you go up the hill it's hard. But you're proud of yourself for accomplishing it at the top and you enjoy the view like never before. The harder the better it is on top.
When you go down the hill it's fun. But you're sorry it ended so quickly.
Why does it take so much time and effort to enjoy the view ? Why is getting down so easy and why does it happen so fast ?
If you're really lucky then you fall of the bike. Or you take a shortcut and get lost. You don't know where to go and you're afraid you'll never find the right road again. But you will eventually. Everyone does.
Getting up is sometimes so hard that you have to stop. Take a break before you continue. But once you stop pedalling on a steep slope it's even harder to begin again. Some people walk a bit, with their bike on side. They might be slow, but isn't there a saying that says : " Slow and steady wins the race."
You can meet people on the road. They can push you down your bike. Or just set you something that you fall yourself. But there are also people who help you get up and heal your wounds. Some people would pretend to be fixing your bike, but will just make it worse. And you'll only figure it out later that maybe you shouldn't have trusted them. Because that's what some people do. They help you get up just so they can knock you down again. Don't forget about the ones who encourage, motivate, inspire you to reach the top.
What about weather ? You go up and you get blinded by the sun, the light, the good, the fame. You may get rain, but are you really going back once you've cycled so much ? You go a bit quicker so you find a shelter soon.
Isn't the experience 10 times better when you have stuff to tell ? Trough what you've been trough. What you've learnt. Don't you enjoy the view 10 times more when you think about where you've started and where are you now ?
I hope you understand this post and connect it to life. I wish you all safe, happy cycling and the most wonderful view you can imagine !
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  1. I really needed to read this post!thanks for such motivational words! :)


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