New Years's Resolutions

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Hey everyone! I hope 2016 was a good year for you, and if it wasn't then it can only get better - let's smash 2017.
It's SOMEHOW January already and with the New Year comes New Year's Resolutions. Whether you believe in 'new year, new me' or not, pretty much everyone has some goal or something they want to achieve. And a new year means a fresh slate, new chances. Will you be able to keep your resolutions for longer than 2 days? 2 months? If you managed to achieve everything you wanted to last year then tell us your secrets.

The lovely Jordanne hosted a #GRLPOWR chat on Tuesday evening with the theme of New Year's Resolutions so I thought why not pick some inspring or interesting ones and pop them in a post. I hope this gives you some inspiration if you're yet to decide or you just enjoy it!

"Travel, drink more water, stop worrying & just be genuinely happy!" -@LoveeMelissaX
(I feel like being happy and not worrying is something everyone needs to work on!)

"In 2017 I will take more risks and experience new opportunities as well as losing weight and staying positive!✨" -@bloglilyrose

"To help more people. To keep using my voice to make others happy. To be the person others can rely on." - @JohnRdtoVol
(How kind is this though!)

"Love myself more. Cut out negative energy. Go to the gym whenever I can. Count my blessings." -@UnsignedMeBlog

"Overcome my fear of flying. I want to travel so so bad! " -@MermaidOffDuty

"i want to achieve my goal of interviewing a band or something ... big but i'm determined"-@chloemariasnow

"To continue with and improve my blog, to start my YouTube, and try to cut down on sugar and eat healthier. 🙈 " -@Rosie_Eva

"Top of the list should have been : GET A CAT! 🐱 " -@littleowl_loves

What are your goals for the New Year?
Ellie xo

PS because I like to ramble: I found it quite funny that one of the people at the New Year's party I went to was doing Veganuary. We stayed over and for breakfast on the 1st he was having a croissant with sausage, bacon and cheese. So vegan! He said he would start on the 2nd but I wonder if he really did.


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