Sunday, 5 March 2017
It's interview time again! Today I'm talking to the lovely Chelsea from thinkfeelstrong, enjoy!

Blogging and me:
  • How would you describe your blog in a few words ? 
I would say that my blog is "something for everyone". I write about topics that can apply to a good majority of people's lives I believe.
  • Which blogpost that you have uploaded is your favourite?
I think honestly my favorite blogpost to date is titled "Army Girlfriend: Surviving basic training", it was one of my very first posts, and this is a very personal topic of my recent battle on dealing with having my significant other in the army.
  • How long have you been blogging? 
I'm very new to blogging, I think this week it will officially have been a month!
  • What's your favourite part of blogging? 
To be truly honest, the past month, I have developed a true love for the blogging community itself. Twitter is what exposed me to this wonderful community. Of course I love the writing and self-expression with blogging, but above all, I love being a part of such a supporting community.
  • What is your blogging method? (E.g do you take photos before writing up your post?) 
My process with writing up a post consists of sitting down and checking my notes list in my phone of blog topic ideas, I click on "new post", and just write away honestly. I don't "plan" ahead for my topics, they just come straight from what I'm thinking in the moment. Once the post is typed up, I will proofread, and then select the image I'm going to use as my blog post featured image, it is usually a free stock photo which I just edit, sometimes I will take the photos myself on my iPhone 6. Once I got the image set, I just click publish, and then make sure it's shared on all my social media accounts.
  • What advice do you give to new bloggers to stand out in the crowd? 
I'm still a new blogger, I'm still learning.. but I think no matter how "new" or "old" you are, you are always learning in this industry. My biggest thing I've learned for new bloggers is to ENGAGE. Engage with fellow bloggers, your audience. Don't be afraid to reach out to bloggers and ask to do guest posts, or for some helpful tips. Just be out there.
  • What are your favourite blog posts to create?
I love personal yet helpful posts. I love pulling something from what I've experienced and turning it into a lesson that my readers can apply into their lives, since that is my blog's purpose, I want everything to be applicable into everyone's lives.

About me:
  • How would you describe yourself in 3 words ?
I hate describing myself in only x amount of words, ha.. I guess I would say emotional/sensitive, motivated, and compassionate.
  • What is your favourite thing to do to relax ?
Go on my phone, check Twitter & Instagram, or talk to my boyfriend. He really makes my days 10x better.
  • Name 3 things you couldn't live without!
My PHONE, for sure. My phone is practically my life line. My boyfriend, he's my rock. Annnndd... Starbucks. :)
  • Do you have any bad habits ?
Umm.. yes. As stated above, Starbucks is unfortunately a very very bad & costly habit of mine.. It is over-expensive and I just can't stop buying coffee from them. I need help.
  • What has been your proudest moment so far? 
A very memorable proud moment of mine was when I had the great opportunity to do an internship with my local police department, and they offered me the opportunity to write an article based on my experience which was later published in their magazine. That was great, to see my work published by the police department like that. It solidified my passion for Criminal Justice.
  • What do you like to do in your spare time? 
Spare time, I'm either... lifting weights in the gym, listening to music, laying in bed, or talking to my boyfriend. I know, not too exciting.
  • What are your future aspirations in life? 
To go full force with whatever career field I choose. Right now I'm studying Criminal Justice, but I also have a strong passion for blogging, so I'm not sure where these two things will take me, but I plan to go all the way with it. 
  • Name three things that never fail to make you smile
My boyfriend.... I mentioned him too much in here haha, but I have to mention him, some days he's the only thing that makes me smile. Second is probably coming home to my puppy jumping up and down, and lastly... music.
  • Confession time! What is your most embarrassing moment?
A recent unfortunate event that comes to mind is when I was out in Miami living with my boyfriend and his mom. One day I came home late from work, and she decided to throw a big party, it was raining hard outside so when I got to the door I was soaked from the rain, I open the front door and all these people just stare at me standing there drenching wet. Yeah it was pretty embarrassing..

Thanks to Chelsea for helping us out and if you want to be involved in this series or write a guest post for us you can DM the @GRLPOWRCHAT twitter account!



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