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Welcome to the next BLOGGER POWR post in the series! Today we are joined by the lovely India from! Hope you enjoy reading the interview!

Blogging and me:

Hello! How would you describe your blog in a few words?
Hello! I am India from Stories of Adventure. My blog is just a small little blog sharing the stories and memories which I have created whilst seeing the wonders of the world, mostly with my boyfriend Cole, along with tips and recommendations on how to travel as a student or on a budget. 

Which blogpost that you have uploaded is your favorite?
Oh this is a tough one! I think I am torn between two; my Bucket List or my Kjerag Boulder post! I love the bucket list as I just feel it really highlights everything I love and shows how passionate we are about travelling! Or the Kjerag boulder as it was just one of my most favorite days in the whole world and I just love reading it back and laughing to myself about the day and also being so proud that we did it. 

How long have you been blogging?  
I have been blogging now for just over a year!! And I have enjoyed every minute of it!! 

What's your favorite part of blogging? 
The people in the blogging world! I have never met so many people that are so so supportive and willing to help to along the way. Everyone is so lovely and no one is competitive as some people may thinking they would be as everyone is trying to basically achieve the same thing, but no one is and it is truly wonderful! So, yes, my favorite part of blogging is the army of fellow bloggers!!

What is your blogging method? (E.g do you take photos before writing up your post?) 
I take pictures before I write up my blog post! I love having lots of images in my posts as I just feel images add so much to a blog and a post so I make sure that all my images are large and that there are lots of them! I then post them on all social media to share them with others. Other than that there isn’t much else I do with my posts. 

What advice do you give to new bloggers to stand out in the crowd?  
Have passion and tons of it! There have been so many of my friends who think it will be easy, so start a blog do a few posts and just give up because they just did not realize how much hard work it takes to even achieve those small small milestones. I think people see extremely successful bloggers and youtubers now and think it will just be simple. So I would say if you want to do it you have to really go for it, so write the things you want to write about and just put your 110% into the blogging passion. 

What are your favorite blog posts to create?
Really long ones with lots of funny memories of my trips away. I hope they show our personalities and our readers laugh along with us. 

About me:

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?
Clumsy, vibrant, and hard-working.

What is your favorite thing to do to relax? 
I love walking. I just love to relax by getting some fresh air and having a change in scenery. At the minute I am a right old lady and really enjoy putting in my earphones to listen to some podcasts. My two favorites being; at home with by Anna and Lily; and my dad wrote a porno (extremely funny I find myself walking along laughing, I probably look like such a weirdo). 

Name 3 things you couldn't live without!
My camera, my family, and my passport (I wouldn’t be a very good travel blogger otherwise)

Do you have any bad habits?
I can be a very negative person sometimes about myself and I never really see anything good in anything I do and this is something that really winds my mum up! So I need to work on this before I am in trouble with her aha. 

What has been your proudest moment so far? 
Getting a 1st in my Sociology degree, which I never thought in a million years would happen, and getting in to do my masters degree! 
What do you like to do in your spare time? 
Explore, whether this is down the road or in another country, I love getting out and having an adventure.

What are your future aspirations in life? 
I would love a career in journalism. Obviously it would be my absolute dream to travel the world and blog every day but I understand it is a very hard career, so my other option is also journalism!

Name three things that never fail to make you smile.
My dad’s dancing, looking at all my old photos, and spending time with all the people I love.

Confession time! What is your most embarrassing moment? 
So, actually, my most embarrassing moment did not happen that long ago! For forever now I have wanted my second lobe ear piercing done and after my last exam after finishing my degree I thought I will get it done then as a well done to myself! My other friend was getting a piercing too so I thought perfect. However, if you know me you know I suffer from extremely bad nerves and get myself worked up about the silliest of situations! I was waiting to go into the room and was so so hot and couldn’t stop telling my friend Katie how nervous I was (honestly India pull yourself together you are getting your ears pierced!!! Babies get this done!!!) Whilst waiting I even lost my medical sheets, which I should have taken as a sign it was going to go downhill! But that was it my name was called and I was sat about to get them done. The pain wasn’t even bad but as soon as a stood up I was trembling and the room was going completely white! Everyone was all excited as I come out with my new look and I had not even had a chance to see what it looked like, all I could think was I need fresh air. To get out you needed to go down a flight of stairs which at the top of I went white and felt extremely heavy and went to step down by completely missed and fell down the stairs! Katie (my hero!) thankfully caught me and stopped me from probably breaking a bone! But I think everyone saw my bum due to being in a little skirt and probably not very well covered pants!!!! And to make it, even more, embarrassing a girl come over to my friend and said ‘Oh my god what did she have done?!’ and my friend plainly replied ‘her ears pierced’.

Thanks so much to the lovely India for getting involved with todays BLOGGER POWR post! Make sure you all give her a little follow over on Twitter, to keep up to date with all her latest posts! 

Until next time, 


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